The ParaIntensivist Podcast  launched in September 2015 and has already racked up hundreds of listeners in 12+ countries, spread across 4 continents. The podcast is designed to discuss current clinical issues in prehospital and interhospital / inter-ICU critical care medicine. It is aimed at EMTs, RNs, RTs, paramedics and more providing amazing care in the field, and aims to unite these tribes under one heading: Paraintensivist.

ParaIntensivist (n): A Word I Totally Made Up™. Don’t worry. You can be a paraintensivist too.

Hair No Longer Blue :(

Hair No Longer Blue 🙁

The blog and podcast are created and maintained by Samantha Wilding. By day, mild-mannered Wilding works as a paramedic in a busy, low-income, urban EMS job, which exposes her to a lot of very sick people in need of her skills. But by night, Wilding goes to her other job, where she is training as a critical care paramedic — a paraintensivist — doing interfacility transfers, mostly involving critically ill adults or extremely sick pediatrics.

She is happily married and lives in the Northeast with her loving wife and imaginary pets, since she can intubate someone stuck in a car crash but she can’t seem to talk her landlord into letting her keep a dog.

She covers her blog in piglets, because she can.

Contact Wilding!

Twitter: @paraintensivist

Email: theparaintensivist@gmail.com