So, the thing about FOAM is that you use it at your own risk, right?

Dammit, Jim, I’m a paramedic,  not a doctor. No one should be using this blog to self-diagnose, and in terms of treating your patients, follow your local protocols. Yes, even when they’re bad (or, talk to your medical control and get a mother-may-I). Medicine is not a place to ask forgiveness, because generally M&Ms aren’t forgiving. Ask permission instead. If you stumbled here because you’re sick yourself, stop reading and see a doctor.

Never trust a single source about this stuff, either. Read up on your own. Follow links. Read the real sources. As Lamar Burton used to say on Reading Rainbow, Don’t take MY word for it. Read. Then ask your supervisors / medical directors / gods / etc. THEN maybe put things into practice.

I take no credit and no blame for the work that you do resulting from reading this podcast and/or blog. Your work is YOUR WORK. Don’t blame me if you step out of your guidelines and it bites you in the ass. But maybe give a little source credit if you hear about something and then post it to social media?

Plus and also: These are my thoughts and opinions. Anyone I work for will probably disavow themselves from this stuff, and I disavow myself of them (for these purposes). Don’t blame them for things I say.