Speaking and Lectures

Samantha Wilding is an accomplished professional speaker and educator, having given lectures at major New York City hospitals. Her talks have been mostly related to caring for transgender patients in both the in-hospital and pre-hospital settings.

How did attendees like her content?

“This was without a doubt the best CME I have attended thus far and was both interesting and informative…”


“This was great! It was an awesome combo of a great presenter who’s in the field + a thorough set of facts & observations – thanks!”


She offers Transgender Awareness lectures geared at:

  • EMS providers,
  • Emergency Medicine providers (Grand Rounds talks), or
  • All healthcare providers and support staff,

which covers Transgender Awareness and Sensitivity. As a long-time ally to the trans* community, and having worked EMS for years in an area with a heavy population of trans* patients (New York City’s West Village), she’s culturally competent and qualified to talk about trans* issues in healthcare.

To book Sam for a lecture, drop her an email at theparaintensivist@gmail.com today!