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How I Passed the FP-C

Recently I swallowed my pride (and a lot of nervous bile) and took the FP-C. I was fortunate enough to pass my first time around, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions from my peers about it. FAQs How

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PIG-EMS: aDEVILsine – REVERT, Valsalva, and Not Giving Tornados In The Chest

pSVT is a fairly common presentation for tachycardia and a common 911 complaint. I get about 1-2 a year, and I always try the Valsalva maneuver, and it fails most of the time. But that’s okay! We start a line

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PIG-EMS: Synthetic Cannabinoids — A Report From the K2 Triangle

Disclaimer: The contents of this episode are from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. K2 and synthetic cannabinoids are new enough that there’s not enough published research, and the nature of the drugs makes them extremely variable. This is current as of October 2015,

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