The Rumors Of My Death…

Hey everybody! I just wanted to announce that the rumors of my death have been mildly exaggerated. I’ve been pretty busy this past month, and as a result I’ve neglected the podcast a little bit. Things have mostly been positive, including some exciting critical care training, my second wedding anniversary, and some other great things.

With good has also come ill–the anniversary of my father’s death and my personal issues with depression have reared their ugly heads as well, along with a realization that I’ll not be able to go to SMACC this year. But I’m committed to moving forward and bringing you awesome content that you can take to the streets with.

So I wanted to offer you a taste of what we have coming up during the rest of this year:

–A practical discussion of the joys of proximal IV therapy for prehospital providers (tentatively titled Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad EJ?)

–A talk about mental health in EMS, because it’s something we as an industry need to discuss in a way that’s constructive and useful. (No tentative title yet.) The struggle for me here is to discuss this topic without delving into my personal issues.

–In honor of the Transgender Day of Remembrance upcoming on November 20th, we’re going to have an episode about trans* people, their physical and mental health, the prehospital and interfacility clinical implications, and the social aspects of caring for transgender people (tentatively titled How Not to Be A Dick to Trans* People)

–A how-to guide for treating that most common presentation, Alcohol Overimbibement Syndrome, otherwise known as The Care and Feeding of Drunks. Because they’re fine… until they’re really not.

–The ParaIntensivist’s Guide to Vasopressors, coming soon to a podcast near you!

So stick around, folks! There’s great goodies yet to come.

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